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Welcome to the second issue of Country Good News from Westby Cooperative Creamery. As a farmer-owned cooperative, and producer of cultured dairy products and hard cheeses for over one hundred years, we have a unique perspective on the dairy industry, from farm-to-fridge and everything in between. Also, please visit our new web site at www.WestbyCreamery.com.

General Manager Update Letter (Click here)

Letter to Patrons from Board of Directors -
Westby Cooperative Creamery Retirement of Stock Equity
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InlinePatron Profile - Paul Deutsch

Meet Paul Deutsch, one of the many Patrons of Westby Cooperative Creamery, and a certified organic dairy producer. (Click here for link to web site profile)



InlineWhat we have and don't have in
Westby brand Yogurts

What we have is two new flavors in our line of Lite N' Dreamy fat free yogurts - we've added Vanilla and Plain (Is Plain a flavor? It is when it's the flavor of country goodness from Westby). These flavors join Blueberry, Strawberry and Raspberry; available in six ounce retail containers, each at 100 calories or less, and bulk sizes for Food Service. We also have the precisely named Thick N' Creamy low fat Yogurts, in six flavors.

What we don't have is High Fructose Corn Syrup. Consumers are reading labels and scanning for ingredients, and High Fructose Corn Syrup is an ingredient that many want to avoid. There is No High Fructose Corn Syrup in Westby brand Yogurts. (Click here for link to article at Mayo Clinic).


InlineConsumers will be ready for the Holidays with Westby brand products.

Holiday season is approaching, so consumers will be planning for special family dinners and entertainment events featuring appetizers, dips, salads, entrées, treats and desserts. Be sure to be stocked with plenty of Westby brand Cottage Cheeses, Sour Creams, Dips, Yogurts and Cream Cheeses. Don't forget Dry Curd Cottage Cheese - a specialty product from Westby that is loaded with country goodness - available in 12 ounce retail containers, and 4 & 30 pound bulk sizes for Food Service and Ingredients. (Click to visit the Recipes page on our web site).


InlineWestby Sponsors Wisconsin Grocer Association Innovation Expo 2010

Westby is proud to have been a Silver Sponsor of the Wisconsin Grocer Association Innovation Expo 2010 event in Milwaukee, WI, September 21-22, at the Hilton Hotel and Frontier Airlines Center. This sponsorship included the conference "registration bags" with Westby logo, provided to over 300 participants from retail grocery stores throughout Wisconsin. A Brewer's Tailgate party featured Westby Single Serve Cottage Cheeses and the Breakfast Buffet included Westby Yogurts. (Click here to see photos of the event; it was fun).



To learn more about the dairy industry here in Wisconsin, please visit - www.DairyDoingMore.org and www.DairyFarmingToday.org. You'll also find additional links on our web site.


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