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Celebrate! It’s National Farmer’s Day

Celebrate! It’s National Farmer’s Day
Sep 16, 2021 (Westby, WI)

October 12 is National Farmer’s Day. On this day, Westby Creamery honors the 145 small, family farms that are the foundation of this cooperative’s operations. Even more, the Creamery honors the positive impact dairy farming has on our communities.

Wisconsin’s dairy industry generates $45.6 billion each year for the state’s economy, according to the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. That’s more than the combined value of Florida citrus and Idaho potatoes!

Additionally, Wisconsin dairy farms create 154,000 jobs and generate $1.26 billion in state and local taxes. These jobs include more than just the farmers — a milk hauler is needed to pick up their milk, a veterinarian to check on the well-being of the herd, plant employees to take the milk and craft it into something special and so many more.

Dairy farmers are the original conservationists and environmentalists committed to sustainability and conserving natural resources for today’s efficiencies and tomorrow’s productivity. As farmers, they make their living off the land. They demonstrate their knowledge and experience by converting these natural resources into fluid milk and high-quality dairy foods for human consumption.

Like most people have cats and dogs as pets, dairy farmers think of their cows as their pets and treat them as such. Westby Creamery confirms that its farmers care for their animals in a humane manner through the National Dairy FARM Program certification. The National Dairy FARM Program creates accountability through on-farm, second-party evaluations. Farmers who sign a pledge of participation are subject to random third-party evaluations as well.

On a nutritional level, consuming dairy products increases the daily intake of necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy body – at a low cost. These nutrients include calcium, potassium, vitamin D and protein. Calcium to promote bone health, potassium to regulate blood pressure and protein to build and maintain muscle.

Westby Cooperative Creamery recognizes the many ways in which Wisconsin dairy farmers help and care for our local communities on an economic, environmental and nutritional level. Support your local dairy farmer by purchasing Westby Creamery dairy products often. Shop online or find a grocer near you here.

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