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Jewel Family Farms

The Schaub Family – Certified Organic Dairy

The first question we often get from people is why the name Jewel View Farms? The answer is part of the history and heritage of where our farm is located along the high ridges and bluffs above the Mississippi River valley in La Crosse County, Wisconsin.

And, there’s one historic landmark in particular — called St. Peter’s Catholic Church. The cornerstone of this church was laid in 1920, and the church was opened for first worship on Palm Sunday in 1921. The Schaub family, at this time, had emigrated from Germany and was farming nearby.

The brick and cut-stone building dominates the countryside and as it sits majestically on the ridgeline. Its bell calls worshipers from miles away, and this church has been a significant part of our family history, and life together; more of which follows.

The church was given the name of St. Peter, dedicated to the Prince of the Apostles; and, for this reason, the ridge is sometimes referred to as “St. Peter’s Ridge.” It is also called “Middle Ridge,” the name of our local community, due to its placement in the middle of the ridgeline between the towns of Cashton and La Crosse.

At night, when the lights inside of St. Peter’s church make the beautiful stained-glass windows glow, the church sparkles like a jewel; and thus is called – the “Jewel on the Hill.” (please visit www.saintpetersparish.net)

That’s the wonderful and historic view we have from our home and farm business – which Tom first named as Jewel View Farms.

As everyone around here knows, the dairy business is a 24/7/365 business – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the years. Cow care, cow milking, cow feeding, farm care, crop production, equipment care, business care, and family care is every day of the year. Which is why you have to love what you do; and we all do.

We also love our community, our cooperative, and our church; which is why Melissa has served as secretary at St. Peter’s for many years; and, why Tom has served as a Board Member of Westby Cooperative Creamery for several years, and is now president.

Melissa, having grown-up on a family dairy farm in Shamrock, WI, in Jackson County; knew well what she was getting into when she married Tom. And, how we first met is another part of our love story.

What’s a dairy-country-girl to do that loves country music; and, what’s a dairy-country-boy to do that loves country music as well? Somehow they have to meet.

And, what better way for a country-music-loving dairy-man to meet a country-music-loving dairy-woman, than through country music; especially when that country music is being broadcast on a local radio station in Sparta, Wisconsin, with the call-letters – WCOW – cow country radio FM 97.1.

Only in Wisconsin could we have a radio station with the call-letters WCOW (please visit www.cow97.com).

Melissa channeled her love of country music into an on air disc-jockey job at this local country radio station. Her family name was Melissa Hurlburt; but, her on-air name became Melissa Brooks as she conducted various DJ duties and hosted a weekly classic country music radio show. Tom listened to her on the radio every week.

When the station was hosting an event at a local country dance club in Sparta, Tom set out to meet the voice he had been listening to on the radio. That’s when and where the country-music-loving dairy-man met the country-music-loving dairy-woman.

Our first date included a sight-seeing visit to St. Peter’s church. We were married within a year at the “Jewel on the Hill.” Every day we get to see the church in which we were married and our children baptized, as we farm the land to feed and milk the cows that produce milk for the highest quality dairy foods in the country; manufactured by Westby Cooperative Creamery.

Don’t you think we should write our own country music song? If we did, it would include the following lyrics…

…please remember; when you take home country goodness from the family dairy farms of Westby Cooperative Creamery, you take home country goodness from our family — the Schaub Family of Jewel View Farms — and for that we all say thank you!

If you’re ever in the area, please stop by our Jewel View Farms for a personal view of the “Jewel on the Hill,” and to listen to the sounds of country music in the air.

Best wishes to your family, from our family – Tom & Melissa Schaub.

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