Waupaca, WI

Sunny View Dairy

Certified Organic

Hello: We are Larry and Ardyce Eisentraut. With our son Paul, his wife, Joni, and the help of their children (our grandchildren), Devan (10), Aidan (8), and Landan (5), we own and operate Sunny View Dairy; a Certified Organic dairy farm near Waupaca, Wisconsin.

Sunny View Dairy is home to our family, and 170 head of Registered Holstein dairy cows and over 700 acres of cropland. There’s always plenty of work to do, which Paul and I share along with the rest of the family. There’s nothing more satisfying, and rewarding, than a family working together. That’s what a family farm is all about.

We plant and grow corn, alfalfa, field peas, oats, and various grasses as sources of feed for our cows. In season, our cows graze on a rotational basis between eleven paddock areas, or pastures, of grasses like meadow fescue, orchard grass, timothy, and rye grass.

We’ve each been involved in 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) over the years. In fact, Ardyce and I first met as teenagers at a 4-H meeting. Showing cattle, working on various projects, and making friends across Wisconsin and other states opens up the world of food production from farm-to-fridge. We’re proud to say it all starts with the production of milk on our dairy farm.

Actually, it all starts with the cows, and nothing is more important to us than healthy cows. We constantly monitor herd health and animal nutrition. Cow care and cow comfort are top priorities, including proper barn ventilation and sand bedding for the animals.

Any dairy farm is only as good as the cows, and the people that manage the care of those cows. People make the difference, so cows can make the difference; and, we believe our family farm makes a difference.

Being part of a dairy cooperative is also a difference. It means our farm, and many others, are the owners of the business. And, we’re very proud to be part of Westby Cooperative Creamery. In part, because the cooperative has been in existence for over 100 years; more so, because our cooperative is committed to the preservation of small and mid-size family dairy farms.

As a dairy farm family we cherish our history and lifestyle of farming. Hopefully, our grandchildren will carry this tradition into their generation; just as Paul and Joni are doing today.

We thank you for purchasing, and preferring, the quality dairy food products of Westby Cooperative Creamery. The country goodness starts on our Sunny View Dairy, and the other family dairy farms of our member-owners.

Thanks, and please come visit us sometime at Sunny View Dairy. In the meantime, please visit www.DairyDoingMore.org, www.DairyFarmingToday.com, and www.MOSAorganic.org to learn more about America’s family dairy farms.

The Eisentraut Family

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