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Five Awesome Facts About Westby Creamery Butter

Five Awesome Facts About Westby Creamery Butter
Feb 25, 2020 (Westby, WI)

Fact #1 – Westby Creamery organic butter contains 80% butterfat.

Westby organic butter contains 80 percent butterfat.

Fact #2 – Westby Creamery has both organic and conventional butter.

Westby Creamery is uniquely positioned to support both organic and conventional customer needs, butter included.

Fact #3 – Butter contains vitamin A.

One tablespoon of Westby conventional butter contains approximately 8 percent of an adult’s daily vitamin A need (4 percent in an organic serving). Studies have shown that vitamin A helps improve vision and strengthens your immune system.

Westby Creamery Cooperative Sweet Cream Butter - 16 oz. package

Fact #4 – Your purchase supports 175 small family farms.

Purchasing Westby butter – or any other Westby-labeled dairy food – supports the 175 families that make up our farmer-owned cooperative.

Fact #5 – Valley Fudge & Candy uses Westby butter exclusively.

Valley Fudge & Candy attributes their award-winning fudge to the use of Westby Creamery butter. This husband and wife team uses as few ingredients as possible in every batch of dreamy fudge and always sticks with Westby-brand butter.

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