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Five Awesome Facts About Westby Creamery Farms

Five Awesome Facts About Westby Creamery Farms
Mar 04, 2022 (Westby, WI)

Fact #1 – Westby Creamery is farmer-owned.
Founded in 1903, Westby Cooperative Creamery is one of the oldest dairy cooperatives in the U.S. that is collectively guided by its farmer-owners.

Fact #2 – Happy herds.
Our farms are second- and third-party audited as part of the national FARM program. This helps farmers achieve the highest levels of herd comfort, health and happiness.

Fact #3 – Our cows have names.
Our farms are small and family-owned. This means most of the cows have names like: Sunny, Lollipop, Sam, Holly, Rebel, Heart and LuLu.

Fact #4 – Organic and conventional.
Approximately 75% of Westby Creamery farms are certified organic. The other 25% are conventional, which means the cooperative is uniquely positioned to serve both markets.

Fact #5 – rBST-Free.
rBST-free means Westby Cooperative Creamery farmers never inject their cows with hormones to increase milk production.

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