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Quick and Light Cottage Cheese Toast

Westby Cooperative Creamery cottage cheese isn’t just for enjoying on its own; it also makes for a perfect spread to transform ordinary toast into a...
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Egg-ceptional Breakfast Bites

Need a lazy, healthy breakfast recipe? Try these three-ingredient, high protein egg bites fortified with Westby Creamery cottage cheese. All you need is a short...
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Protein Power Breakfast Pizza

Start your year and your mornings off strong with this quick, filling and nutritious breakfast pizza. By scrambling the eggs with Westby Creamery cottage cheese,...
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Light & Fluffy Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Westby Creamery 4% cottage cheese helps set these muffins apart from the rest by giving it a light and fluffy texture without drying it out....
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Sour Cream Twists

By Jessica Rogers This recipe makes something so tasty while using simple ingredients – just like Westby Cooperative Creamery dairy products. I’m not sure where...
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Protein Packed Pancakes

These pancakes are both delicious and nutritious—and they are crafted with just three ingredients including the award-winning Westby 4% cottage cheese! Packed with 14 grams...
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