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Five Ways to Use Westby’s French Onion Dip

Five Ways to Use Westby’s French Onion Dip
Sep 28, 2020

Westby’s award-winning French Onion Dip is a necessity in every home. Its savory flavor helps elevate any snack or meal, and it comes in both an organic and conventional variety. Though there are many ways to love Westby’s French onion dip, here are five of our favorites:

  1. Keep it simple with some pretzels, chips, and veggies for an addictive snack tray.
  2. Spice up your next baked potato with a dollop of Westby Creamery French Onion Dip (Pro tip: salsa pairs well with this combination).
  3. Coat a chicken breast with Westby Creamy French Onion Dip and crushed potato chips for a delicious new take on oven-baked chicken. Recipe here.
  4. Substitute traditional condiments such as ketchup or mayonnaise with Westby French Onion Dip on your next sandwich or burger.
  5. Add a little oil or lemon juice to Westby Creamery French Onion Dip and drizzle over a salad for a tangy kick.

Stop by the Westby Creamery Cheese Store located in Westby, WI. or visit the store locator to find the nearest grocer with Westby Creamery French Onion Dip.

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