Dry Curd 4lb bag

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Dry Curd Cottage Cheese is available in a 4 lb. package. Now shipped in a gallon ziplock bag. Same great product, different packaging.

Dry Curd cottage cheese is a small-curd product that is commonly used in Lasagnas, Perogies, Stuffed Shells, Cheese Cakes, and many other traditional foods.

With a very clean nutrition label, Dry Curd Cottage cheese is a wonderful addition to a low calorie diet or Keto diet; often used and highly recommend by doctors and dieticians.

**DRY CURD COTTAGE CHEESE IS A SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT: Please allow 3-5 days prior to shipping, for our staff to order it fresh from the plant and package it into the 4 lb. containers**

If you need this product right away, please call our retail store at 1-608-634-3181 and talk with our staff about availability.

Food Safety Notice: Food safety and protecting your perishable products are our main priority. If the temperature is 55 degrees or over, we strongly encourage an insulated shipping box. Click the red button below to add our cool shield shipper to your cart. If you don’t purchase an insulated shipping box, we and the couriers ARE NOT liable for spoilage that may happen during transit.

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Gluten Free
rBST Free*

3 reviews for Dry Curd 4lb bag

  1. Nancy Hirlemann

    This is the best dry curd cottage cheese that I can find in the Milwaukee area. Even better than so called specialty shops. Totally worth having it shipped.

  2. Mary Jane Domres

    My daughter-in-law has ordered several times and it was a great product.

  3. Kevin

    We live in Oklahoma and had some shipped. It reminded us when we were children and grandmother was making perogi’s. Ordering more now.

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