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Army of Elves Stuffs Love in Over 8,000 Gift Boxes 

Army of Elves Stuffs Love in Over 8,000 Gift Boxes 
Dec 07, 2020 (Westby, WI)

The month of December is especially busy for the Westby Creamery retail store. Some customers are looking to take advantage of the great holiday specials, but many, many others are looking to send country goodness to loved ones across the U.S. in the form of a cheese gift box.

Each holiday season, the Westby Creamery retail store recruits an army of elves to help put together all the gift box orders to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas. This year they are expected to put together and send out over 8,000 gift boxes!

The team’s head elf is Jess Hendrickson. Hendrickson has been training and leading the army of elves for the past four years. A lot of hours, hard work and dedication go into this job, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. It is something she looks forward to every year.

Westby's Army of Elves

Back row: Jess Hendrickson, Becky Rogers, Rhonda Rach
Front row: Carol Cade, Sam Klum

Hendrickson’s favorite part is getting to talk to the “regulars” that call from all over the country. “Though we only speak briefly about Wisconsin’s ridiculous weather or how no cheese compares to Wisconsin cheese, it’s cool to have built those small yet meaningful relationships over the past few years,” Hendrickson said.

She also has a great team of elves to help her get the job done, including Carol Cade, Becky Rogers, Rhonda Rach and Sam Klum. They pack a great amount of love and holiday cheer into each order in the short four weeks they are around. One of the elves, Carol Cade, has been helping out the Creamery during the holidays for 30 years! “The wonderful group of ladies I get to work with each season keeps me coming back,” Cade said.

This year looks a little different than previous years. With an increased amount of online shopping mixed with shipping delays due to Covid-19, the team needs to be especially focused and organized to make sure each order arrives at its destination safely and on time. While each elf has her own set of orders to put together, the team still manages to work cooperatively and help each other out as needed to keep up with the surplus of orders.

It’s not too late to send your loved ones (or yourself) a cheese gift box. Orders received by Dec. 16 are expected to arrive by Christmas. Visit our online store to view all the delectable choices.

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