About Westby

Key Contacts

As a farmer-owned cooperative since our beginning, Westby Cooperative Creamery has a unique perspective on the dairy industry – from farm to fridge. Our team takes great pride in crafting dairy foods that make it to your table and nourish your family. Even more, we are Safe Quality Food Level 3 certified, which means we’re part of a globally recognized program that delivers high-quality food safely.

Pete Kondrup
General Manager - pkondrup@westbycreamery.com
Ryan O’Donnell
Plant Manager - rodonnell@westbycreamery.com
Jason Levendoski
Quality Manager - jlevendoski@westbycreamery.com
Curt Geier
Office Manager - cgeier@westbycreamery.com
Ellen Mashak
HR Manager - emashak@westbycreamery.com
Emily Bialkowski
Sales and Marketing Manager - ebialkowski@westbycreamery.com
Mark Rutlin
Sales Representative - mrutlin@westbycreamery.com
Curtis Rogers
Sales Representative - crogers@westbycreamery.com
Krissa Myhre
Customer Service Representative - kmyhre@westbycreamery.com
Connie Buchholz
Administrative Specialist - cbuchholz@westbycreamery.com
Tony Hughes
Assistant Plant Manager - ahughes@westbycreamery.com
Hassan Fortney
Maintenance Manager - hfortney@westbycreamery.com
John Schedivy
Field Representative Manager - fieldreps@westbycreamery.com
Kris Amundson
Field Representative - kamundson@westbycreamery.com
Dan Ludwig
Materials / Purchasing - dludwig@westbycreamery.com
Dale Johnson
Field Representative - fieldreps@westbycreamery.com
Stefani Schroeder
Retail Store Manager - store@westbycreamery.com
Gail Klinkner
FARM Program Coordinator - gklinkner@westbycreamery.com