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Egg-ceptional Breakfast Bites

Need a lazy, healthy breakfast recipe? Try these three-ingredient, high protein egg bites fortified with Westby Creamery cottage cheese. All you need is a short...
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3 Ingredient Buffalo Ranch Dip

If vegetables were as fun to eat as chips we’d all be doing better with our New Year’s resolutions. Do not despair, the do-over button...
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Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

By Jessica Rogers As the weather gets cooler, our mornings lately have included making a second pot of coffee after chores and sitting by the...
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Protein Power Breakfast Pizza

Start your year and your mornings off strong with this quick, filling and nutritious breakfast pizza. By scrambling the eggs with Westby Creamery cottage cheese,...
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Key to a Well-Balanced Cheese Board

Creating a well-balanced cheese board doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t have to feel bad if it doesn’t turn into an elaborate piece of art. There...
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Simple Stuffed Mushrooms

Get ready to wow your guests this holiday season with this simple stuffed mushroom recipe. These bite-sized delights are stuffed generously with a cheesy, savory...
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Sour Cream-Dream Cookies

Fall is here which means baking season is too. Warm up your kitchen with these dreamy, cake-like cookies made with Westby Creamery sour cream. They’re...
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Cottage Cheese Dinner Bowls

Discover the delightful combination of these classic dinners and nourishing Westby Creamery cottage cheese in the form of a dinner bowl. Choose from taco, pizza...
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French Onion Chicken & Pasta in 15 Minutes

Let this French Onion Chicken & Pasta become the star of the show. Westby Creamery’s award-winning French onion dip makes for a fantastic, flavorful pasta...
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The Secret to Tender Smoked Pork Rib

The secret to a tender smoked pork rib is a high-quality butter like Westby Creamery sweet cream butter. Grill master and Westby Creamery Retail Sales...
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