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Summertime Broccoli Side Salad

Summer is here and that calls for cook outs, graduation parties, picnics and any other reason to enjoy your meals outdoors. Don’t forget to include...
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Jalapeno Poppin’ Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Add a pop of flavor to the typical grilled cheese sandwich! This recipe uses a tasty combination of flavors found in jalapeno poppers, and it...
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Protein Packed Pancakes

These pancakes are both delicious and nutritious—and they are crafted with just three ingredients including the award-winning Westby 4% cottage cheese! Packed with 14 grams...
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Cozy Potato Soup

By Emily Bialkowski The grey dreariness of winter can drag down even the heartiest Nordic soul-making home-cooked soups a winter must in our house. As...
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Sour Creamy Cucumber Side Dish

Sour creamy cucumber side dish is an excellent pair with savory meats and often graces holiday dinner tables. But why wait for a holiday to...
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Ooey-gooey-cheesy Quesadillas with Westby Cottage Cheese

Calling all Westby Creamery cheese lovers: This quesadilla recipe will fulfill all of your ooey-gooey cheese cravings. Unique to this quesadilla recipe is Westby cottage...
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Venison Tenderloins Two Ways: Westby Creamery Style

Venison Tenderloins Two Ways: Westby Creamery Style This recipe is not for the culinary faint of heart — but don’t let that discourage you! Its...
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Delicious Pumpkin Dump Cake with Westby Sweet Cream Butter

Pumpkin season is in full swing. Introduce family and friends to this delicious and virtually effortless Pumpkin Dump Cake baked with Westby Creamery Sweet Cream...
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Five Ways to Use Westby’s French Onion Dip

Westby’s award-winning French Onion Dip is a necessity in every home. Its savory flavor helps elevate any snack or meal, and it comes in both...
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Denise’s Game Day Lasagna

By McKensey Hendrix As the crisp fall air starts to settle in, warm, home-cooked meals taste all the better—especially when it comes from a mother’s...
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