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Five Fun Facts About Cheese Curds

Five Fun Facts About Cheese Curds
Jan 19, 2021 (Westby, WI)

There is nothing like a good bag of Midwest cheese curds. If you have ever ordered curds from elsewhere, you know this to be true. Whether it’s a road trip, picnic, family gathering, or a quiet night in, cheese curds pair well with many occasions. Here are five fun facts about the Midwest delicacy:

  1. Freshness is key.

Freshness distinguishes a cheese curd from an ordinary piece of cheese. Regular cheeses are aged to help them reach their ideal flavor and texture. However, cheese curds are meant to be consumed when their fresh for that perfectly soft, squeaky texture.

  1. Made with cheddar. (And love.)

Think of curds as baby cheddar. As previously mentioned, curds are made with un-aged cheese—cheddar cheese to be exact. Once the cheese is separated from the whey in the cheese-making process, it’s broken into curd-like pieces and bagged to be sold right away.

  1. Squeaky curds are the best curds.

If it doesn’t squeak, it’s not fresh. According to U.S. Dairy Innovation Center, the squeak comes from the proteins in the cheese rubbing against the enamel on our teeth when we take a bite. Occasionally, a curd may not have any squeak to it to begin with. This is often due to too warm or too cold of temperatures that disrupt a curd’s squeaking abilities.

  1. Gotta eat ‘em quick!

This delicious snack is meant to be eaten within a day of production for an optimal snacking experience. However, old curds are not bad by any means. They are simply no longer curds, but chunks of cheddar cheese instead.

  1. White, orange, yellow—they’re all the same!

You may notice some curds are white and some are yellow or orange, but they are all still crafted with the same cheddar cheese. The variation of color mostly comes from the addition of annatto in the cheese-making process, which turns white curds into shades of yellow and orange.

Westby curds are made fresh every Monday and Friday! To satisfy your squeaky curd craving, stop by the Westby Cheese Store located at 206 South Main St, Westby or shop online.

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