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Box #9 – Simply Westby


A few treats that help define our little Norwegian town!

1 – 16 oz. Dill Cheddar
1 – 16oz Colby-Jack
1 – 16 oz. Medium Cheddar
1 – 16 oz. Colby
1 – 8 oz. Grated Parmesan
1 – 16 oz. Butter (Sticks)
1 – 12 oz. Smoked String Cheese
1 – 12 oz. String Cheese
1 – 6 oz. Lefse

Packaged in a cardboard Gift Box.

Note: If you choose to add an insulated shipping box to your order, your gift will not be put into a decorative cow box.

Please be aware that substitutions in pre-designed gift boxes may be made at any time and without notification due to COVID-19 and availability for high demand, delicious Westby Creamery products.


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