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Farmers Cheese originated on farms throughout the world as a way to use milk left over after skimming the cream for butter. Two main styles evolved – a fresh cheese similar to Cottage Cheese and a semi-soft version cured for a shorter time. Wisconsin cheesemakers produce the latter variety, which is firm enough for cubing or shredding. No standards of identity exist for Farmers Cheese, which means cheeses can vary greatly from one cheesemaker to another. Styles can vary from soft-fresh to semi-soft. Wisconsin’s style is similar to Havarti’s texture but typically lower in fat with a buttery, slightly acidic flavor and a smooth supple composition.

Serving Suggestions: Add small cubes of Farmers cheese to steamed green beans. Shred Farmers cheese for potatoes au gratin or macaroni and cheese. Try it sliced with pastrami on dark pumpernickel bread with Dijon mustard. Add a slightly bitter green such as arugula or mizuna. Kids love the mild flavor and creamy texture of Farmers cheese. Cut into sticks for a quick and easy snack.

Goes Well With: Plums, grapes, almonds, poultry, seafood Fruity wines like Riesling or Beaujolais Nouveau.

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1 review for Farmers Cheese

  1. Mark Probst

    When back up in Wisconsin we stayed over in Westby and on the way home (Texas) stopped to pick up some good Wisconsin cheese. Selected 2 packages of curds, a stick of summer sausage, a package of farmers cheese, 2 packages of cheddar and a package of baby swiss. All of it has been delicious. Of course the curds were the first to go and then the Farmers Cheese. Have not had it in a long time and wasn’t disappointed. Only disappointment was when it was gone. Now working on the baby swiss and that too has been delicious. Will most likely place an order around the first of the year.

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